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Agnieszka Górecka

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I.   Project Test Education

Educational and information project on the prevention of HIV infection aimed at young people undertaking behaviors that increase the risk of HIV infection, with particular emphasis on the student community and people with a newly detected infection.
Its main goal is to increase access to reliable knowledge and the latest information on HIV and infection prevention, including access to free, anonymous testing.

The project is financed by the City of Warsaw Warsaw and is implemented by the Foundation in partnership with the   Union "Positive in the Rainbow" in 2021-2023.

As part of the project:

- educational meetings for student communities will take place,

- educational materials will be developed,  
- podcasts on broadly understood sexual health, recorded and shared,
- partyworking will be conducted in selected student clubs,

- stationary duty in selected student houses (dormitories),

- networking - education and the possibility of obtaining answers to submitted questions as well as online interviews with advisers.

If you are interested in organizing free educational meetings on the latest knowledge about HIV at your university, as part of classes, student club meetings or additional classes, please contact the project coordinator Agnieszka Górecka at


II. Stress strategy


Prevention program "Strategy for stress - workshops in the field of coping with stress addressed to high school students", is a project whose main goal is to learn constructive ways of coping with stress and such reaction in social situations that will reduce the likelihood of undertaking risky behaviors as a method of reactivating stress and negative emotions. The project involves work on the following areas: the essence of stress, ways of reducing physical and mental tension, identifying stressful situations in life . 

The project is scheduled to be implemented from March to December 2021.

22 workshop / lecture meetings will be organized for 22 different training groups.

III.  Conscious young


As part of the project "Aware of the young", the Foundation for Social Education conducts preventive classes aimed at students of the last two years of primary schools and youth from secondary schools in the Capital City of Warsaw. Of Warsaw.

The main assumption of the program is to provide school students with knowledge about HIV / AIDS. Classes focus on work in the field of psychosexual health, the risks of sexual intercourse, and emphasize the role of safeguards and HIV testing. The project aims to increase the awareness of young people in the field of health, which may have a positive impact on reducing risky behavior and reducing the number of new HIV infections.

From September 2019 to December 2021, 152 groups of students from Warsaw primary and secondary schools as well as pupils / pupils from day support centers will take part in the project.


  The project is co-financed by the capital city of Warsaw, and the classes are a free offer for schools.

IV. We join the "Understanding Atopic Dermatitis" campaigns

According to most of the population, Atopic Dermatitis is a rash that affects young children and that they grow over time. Lack of awareness and knowledge that it is an incurable disease that also affects adults is very harmful to patients. Underestimating the impact of AD on the daily life of patients and their functioning in society, often associated with social exclusion, stigmatization or even depression, is unfortunately on the agenda.

AD occurs in 2–10% of the world's adult population, and in 2–8% of them the disease is severe. A hallmark of moderate to severe AD are painful lesions on large or sensitive parts of the body, which may cover more than 50% of the body's surface.

The disease is accompanied by a very severe, troublesome itching of the skin, as a result of which patients experience a significant deterioration in the quality of life, mainly due to sleep deficit and associated emotional disorders. As many as 79% of AD patients suffer from insomnia, and 84% have difficulty falling asleep.


In order to make the society aware of what this disease is and what its effects are, the "Understanding atopic dermatitis" campaign was created.

The website will contain the most important information on Atopic Dermatitis, expert texts and stories of patients in the form of short videos.

As part of the campaign, the Polish Coalition for AZS was established. This coalition brings together key organizations of patients with skin diseases: PTCA, Together Raźniej, Association of Patients with Psoriasis, scientific societies: Polish Dermatological Society, Polish Society of Allergology, Polish Psychological Society, as well as medical experts dealing with atopic dermatitis and comorbidities .


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Agnieszka Górecka

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