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HIV treatment in Poland

You came to Poland from Ukraine and are you living with HIV? Here is some information you should know about.


Project financed by WEEPI

HIV/AIDS clinics operating at reference centers - clinics implementing the Government Health Policy Program. The visit should be arranged by phone. You can find the list of places below.

National AIDS Center by sending an e-mail to

If you have medical records of your HIV treatment, bring them with you to your doctor's appointment.

If you do not have medical documentation, first take an HIV test in Poland. You can do it free of charge at Consultation and Diagnostic Points. With confirmation of your HIV positive result, go to the doctor. 

HIV home tests - quick and free.

How to order an HIV home test?

If you would like to order a free home HIV test, please complete the online survey in the link below. 


Remember, with a home HIV test, you can rule out HIV infection only after 12 weeks of risky behavior. 


The test reacted? Report to the nearest Consultation and Diagnostic Center or Infectious Diseases Clinic in your city.


Free self-tests for HIV are financed by WHO, Weepie, AIDS Action Europe, UNAIDS.

Project co-created with TYTOT.

ATTENTION! The waiting time for the test to be sent is approx. 7 working days.

State Medical Aid

How to take advantage of state medical assistance in Poland. Medicines reimbursed in Poland. Mandatory vaccination of children in Poland. Vaccinations against COVID-19.

Night and weekend medical assistance

In Ukrainian. Phone: 800 137 200.

Monday through Friday (6pm to 8am the following day),  weekends and holidays 24/7. As part of the telephone, citizens of Ukraine can receive:

  • medical consultation,

  • electronic prescription,

  • electronic referral to the clinic,

  • electronic referral to the hospital,

  • referral for testing for coronavirus

Support in registering with a doctor. WHO

do you need a doctor? You don't know how to find a doctor and book an appointment in Poland? Call the number: 800 00 30 21

from Monday to Friday 8:00-20:00

Saturday-Sunday 9:00-20:00

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