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HIV test


Program Director


Ph.D. Magdalena Ankiersztejn-Bartczak



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ul. Nugat 3 ,

02-776 Warsaw - Ursynów

(at the Preventive Medicine and Rehabilitation Center)


Open from Monday to Friday: 4:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

and on Saturdays from 10:00 to 13:30

ATTENTION! In order to ensure high-quality counseling, in both CACs, the last client is seen half an hour before the closure of the point.

Google map

Marszałkowska 68/70 street,

 Warsaw - Śródmieście

(at the Diagnostyka Medical Laboratory)


Open from Monday to Friday: 4:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

ATTENTION! In order to ensure high-quality counseling, in both CACs, the last client is seen half an hour before the closure of the point.

Consultation and Diagnostic Points run by the Social Education Foundation are financed by the National AIDS Center, the Agenda of the Minister of Health and the Capital City of Warsaw

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You can find a list of all Points where you can take an HIV test in Poland at:

Test design

Testy domowe

Do the test yourself at home

If you would like to order a free HIV test to be performed at home, please complete the online survey at the link below .

Remember, based on a home HIV test, you can exclude HIV infection only 12 weeks after the risky behavior.

Did the test respond? Contact the nearest Consultation and Diagnostic Center or Infectious Diseases Clinic in your city.

The project is financed with the support of: GILEAD, DUREX, GSK x ViiV, Janssen. The project is implemented under the CORE program co-financed by the European Union.

Regulations available on the website.

Outdoor STI Testing

Program Director


Agnieszka Świderska


The Social Education Foundation conducts free and anonymous HIV testing outside Consultation and Diagnostic Centers.The aim of the project is to meet the expectations of recipients who do not go to stationary points.

Thanks to the possibility of performing rapid tests for HIV, syphilis and HCV on site, during leisure time, a person does not have to take steps such as:

  • making an appointment,

  • going to PKD,

  • waiting in a medical facility for the result.

A friendly environment and the support of qualified employees help to minimize stress related to the examination.

We organize free HIV tests in such places as: clubs, festivals, conferences, outdoor events, concerts, club-cafés, urban spaces.

We cooperate with: Metropolis Warszawa, Lunapark, Juwenalia, Poświat, Bar Studio.

Our HIV testing took place during: UP TO DATE Festival, Equality Parade Warsaw, Juwenalia Warsaw, Juwenalia Radom, SexON conference, SexWork Polska event.


Are you interested in cooperation? Do you want to invite us to your space?

Write to the coordinator.

Our Advisors

Magdalena Ankiersztejn-Bartczak.jpg

Ankiersztejn - Bartczak

Doctor of social sciences, pedagogue, sex educator, sociologist, certified educator, HIV / AIDS consultant and advisor, President of the Board of the Social Education Foundation, member of the World International AIDS Society, European AIDS Clinical Society and the Polish AIDS Research Society (PTnAIDS), co-author of Polish Recommendations "Principles of care for people infected with HIV", member of the European AIDS Treatment Group and Network of Low Prevalence Countries of Central and South East Europe (NeLP), coordinator and advisor of Consultation and Diagnostic Points and Mobile Harm Reduction Service, author of many publications and educational programs, honored with the Red Bow.

Agnieszka Górecka.jpg



Educator, Solution Focused Therapy therapist, sex educator, certified consultant, counselor and educator of HIV prevention. He has been working in Warsaw testing stations since 2008. Vice-president of the Foundation for Social Education. He conducts lectures and workshops on sexual health as well as individual support for people living with HIV and their relatives. Honored with a Red Bow.

Żenia Aleksandrowa

She has been working as a sex educator for years; HIV/AIDS advisor for the Social Education Foundation, street worker; party worker. A trained teacher, cultural animator, Mongolian and Tibetologist; naturopath, consultant of intimate scenes in the theater. She collaborated with Federa, Ponton Group, Feminoteka Foundation, Institute of Positive Sexuality, Teatr System Formalny, TR Warszawa, Teatr Powszechny, Teatr Baza; Adam Mickiewicz Institute; she ran two YouTube channels and a radio show.

fes_ 4.jpg


Master of Public Health, specializing in Health Promotion and Epidemiology. Since 2019, a certified HIV/AIDS counselor. Test Project Coordinator in 2018-2020. Sex education trainer. A graduate of Practical Sexology at SWPS in Poznań. Always nice and willing to help. Privately, a nature lover and the owner of the dog Loki. Honored with the Red Bow.

Agnieszka Świderska.jpg



Biologist, laboratory diagnostician, specialist in clinical analytics with many years of experience in the laboratory industry. Head of a multi-profile hospital medical laboratory. He specializes in analyzing the results of diagnostic tests of broadly understood infectious diseases. Lecturer at trainings for laboratory diagnosticians. Member of PTDL. Lecturer at trainings for laboratory diagnosticians. For 5 years a certified HIV / AIDS advisor and PKD employee. Privately, an incurable optimist and cat lover.

Rafał Król.jpg



A graduate of the 1st Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw. He focuses his interests around psychiatry and sexology, towards which he plans further education. For many years he has been involved in activities for the LGBTQ + community. Associated with the Foundation for Social Education, coordinator of a social campaign encouraging HIV / AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, leader of activities to help and support people who use chemsex, certified advisor to the Diagnostic and Consultation Center and the Mobile Harm Reduction Service , partyworker.


Sex educator, sexologist, therapist in the field of Solution Focused Therapy, lecturer at the University of Economics and Humanities. Adviser at Consulting and Diagnostic Centers and the Mobile Harm Reduction Service. She provides consultations in the field of sexology at the After Party.
Member of the Polish Sexological Society and the Polish AIDS Scientific Society. He cooperates with non-governmental organizations that work for sexual education and HIV / AIDS prophylaxis.
Nominated by the editors of Wysokie Obcasy to the group of Enthusiasts - a group of women distinguished for their commitment to building social awareness, enthusiasm and effectiveness.

Patrycja Wonatowska.jpeg

Karolina Lisek

A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw, a doctor specializing in infectious diseases at the Provincial Infectious Diseases Hospital in Warsaw. From 2020 associated with the Social Education Foundation, works in the Mobile Harm Reduction Service as an educator and medical worker during free and anonymous testing for HIV, HCV and syphilis. Certified HIV/AIDS counselor, street worker and party worker. A doctor conducting consultations on PrEP at the Center for Preventive Medicine and Rehabilitation. Honored with the Red Bow.

Małgosia Abramowska.jpg



Lecturer at the Medical University of Warsaw, co-implementer of many research projects in the field of addiction, member of the Polish Psychiatric Association, Polish Society for Research on Addictions, Polish Drug Policy Network. Certified HIV / AIDS adviser at Consultation and Diagnostic Centers for anonymous and free HIV and HCV tests and syphilis.

Natalia Juszczak.jpg



Psychologist, addiction psychotherapy specialist, group trainer, coach, psychodynamic psychotherapist in the certification process at the Krakow Psychodynamic Center. Since 2019, Certified HIV/AIDS Counselor.
AfterPartyFES project coordinator. He also works at the Daily Addiction Treatment Unit of PL WAT.

Małgorzata Kułaga

Master's degree in psychology, specializing in health psychology and psychotherapy.

Since 2015, a certified counselor to provide test-related counseling in the field of HIV/AIDS.

Many years of experience and knowledge of medical diagnostic research issues.

He has been actively involved in various aspects of medical care for many years. Has the right to practice as a nurse.

Małgorzata Kułaga.jpg


For over a quarter of a century, he has been dealing with the issues of HIV and AIDS. She works a little shorter at school, where she practices her patience, conversation skills and inquisitiveness every day. All this helps her work with the client of the Consultation and Diagnostic Centers.
He constantly updates his knowledge on the broadly understood topics related to HIV.
Currently, she also works at the Mobile Harm Reduction Point, which provides help to people who use consciousness-altering substances. He conducts classes with students of pedagogical faculties. In his spare time he reads books, and when the weather is favorable - he rides a scooter, bicycle and roller skates
. positive attitude. He likes working with people who like others.

Malwina Warszawaka.jpg
Hubert Pawlik.jpg



A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw. Health Technology Assessment (HTA) specialist and data analyst. KC-certified AIDS advisor. He has been associated with the activities of the PKD for 10 years. Many years of experience and knowledge of medical technologies allowed him to gain interdisciplinary knowledge used in the work of a CAC adviser

Ewelina Sadecka.jpg



Epidemiology specialist, nurse, university lecturer and specialist courses lecturer, and epidemiology educator.

Graduate of Nursing and Public Health at the Medical University of Warsaw. A graduate of Postgraduate Studies in Hospital Infections at the Jagiellonian University.

Since 2014, advisor and nurse at the Consultation and Diagnostic Center for HIV/AIDS testing.

On a daily basis, she is an epidemiological nurse in the Hospital Infection Control Team at the Children's Clinical Hospital at ul. Żwirki i Wigury 63A in Warsaw.

Privately, she is married, mother of two adult children, owner of three cats, and crime fiction lover. In my free time I take photos and paint pictures.



psychologist, psychotherapist, addiction therapy specialist, supervisor, long-term PKD advisor, coordinator of the AIDS Hotline, winner of the "Czerwona Kokardka" symbol of solidarity with people living with HIV.

Danuta Wiewióra.jpg


Starzewska - Paciorek

A graduate of sociology at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences of the University of Warsaw. For many years he worked in the non-governmental organization sector. For many years, she has been interested in HIV/AIDS as not only a medical but also a social topic.

The inspiration and challenge in her work with people is the need to talk about topics that are important to them, sometimes difficult because they have not been discussed before.

Privately, she is the mother of three children, thanks to whom she continues to improve her competences in the areas of empathy, openness, negotiation, communication and crisis management.

Anna Starzewska - Paciorek.jpg
Bogna Szymańska-Kotwica.jpg

Szymańska - Kotwica

Doctor of Social Sciences in the field of Psychology. For many years he has been working as a psychologist at the Preventive and Treatment Clinic of the Provincial Infectious Hospital in Warsaw, as well as at the Consulting and Diagnostic Centers of the Social Education Foundation, as well as at the Minds of Hope private psychotherapy clinic. She is the author and co-author of many publications and scientific works on the psychological aspects of living with HIV / AIDS, HCV, chemsex, including the annual recommendations of the Polish AIDS Scientific Society (PTN AIDS) ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ She promotes life professionally and privately. in the mindfulness & compassion approach. In her free time, she practices yoga and is fascinated by nature and the power of nature.

monika doradca.jpg


A graduate of Social Prevention and Rehabilitation and Sexual Education at the University of Warsaw, trainer of psychosocial skills, sex educator, teacher of education for family life. HIV testing point advisor. Designs and implements psychoeducational classes for children, adolescents and adults in the field of health, sexuality and psychosocial skills. In the process of education at the GESTALT School of Psychotherapists at the GESTALT Institute of Integral Psychotherapy in Krakow.

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